Let a thousand conversations bloom #OpenAgData

Cheers to the organizers of this week’s livestreaming sensation: Open Data for Agriculture. It sets a new benchmark for events and government events in particular. Thank you for the live video, Storify features and Twitter hashtag: . It was brilliant demonstration of connecting the natural and virtual worlds.

Here are a few suggestions on making the next event and webcast more compelling:

1) Ask questions from your online audience. You received questions from the room, but not so much online.

2) Create a real-time transcript of the presentations  Last year NetHui in New Zealand opened up a collaborative Google doc that was then composed and edited in real-time.

3) Let participants and audience know in advance where to go for archived videos. Do I have to watch this live or is there any way I can view the raw coverage later? Events with an archived legacy are a much beloved resource.

4) Host follow-up chats using a Google hangout. That way could bring together experts from various parts of the world without them needing to be in the same room. Plus, the archives are uploaded immediately to YouTube.

5) Create a wiki. Let conference participants edit a collaborative site. Wikis are a great way to connect information silos.

6) Mash the hashtag with other events. June 5 is World Environment Day. What can you tweet using hashtags #wed2013 and ? World Food Day is October 16.  Are there synergies?

FYI, I’m highlighting the event on the Planeta Wiki and talking it up among friends. What you’ve shown us certainly inspired me and raised heaps of questions. I’m no expert on agriculture, but I like food and I want to reduce food waste.

I like the way open data improves our understanding of food production and distribution.  If friends working in travel and biodiversity conservation could take a similar approach to #opendata and #livestreaming video, we could be making great progress. Thank you for showing us a great way forward.

Let a thousand conversations bloom.

Buzzword Bingo: Open = Allowing access, passage or a view

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