Responsible Travel Week Day 6: Be Grateful #rtweek2013

Responsible Travel Week, Day #6: Saturday, February 16

2013 is the fifth year for Responsible Travel Week (February 11-17) and’s 13th year of innovative conferencing. We expect our global conversation to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation. This event is free, though financial donations are appreciated!

It’s time to slow down as Responsible Travel Week comes to a close. It’s been a busy week for anyone keeping track of our dialogue on FacebookStorify and Google Hangouts. Busier for those paying attention online and creating local events. This year we had more local events than ever, more original posters than ever, more Slideshare presentations than ever before. Thank you all for your attention, creativity, generosity, empathy and curiosity.

Day #6. Today’s challenge is simply to reflect on what you’ve learned. What did you find most useful? Did you learn anything new? Did you try out any new social web services that surprised you? Feedback is always useful and for all your comments and interactions, I am grateful.

We are fans of the slow movement and Slow Adventures on Facebook and it’s no surprise that we will segue our use of the #rtweek2013 hashtag to #rtyear2013.

Elsewhere on the Web:

Around the World

South AfricaMossel Bay
Photographers are getting together at the Point on the 17th February at 3pm for a 3-hour Photo Safariwith three themes, 1) Tourist attractions and accessibility to all; 2) Food Establishments typical to Mossel Bay or the area; 3) Flora indigenous and in the garden that will attract tourism. Details on Facebook

The last decade was social. The next decade is gaming.

The Internet is reviving the read write culture, moving us from a passive consumption of culture to the kind of culture where we create and share what we create.- Lawrence Lessig @lessig

Children learn what they live

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