Responsible Travel Week Day 5: Be Curious #rtweek2013

Responsible Travel Week, Day #5: Friday, February 15

2013 is the fifth year for Responsible Travel Week (February 11-17) and’s 13th year of innovative conferencing. We expect our global conversation to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation.

All this week we’ve made specific suggestions Monday-Friday that corresponded to the levels of engagement. Featured were special motivational exercises to help you be attentive (Monday), generous (Tuesday), creative (Wednesday), empathetic (Thursday). Today’s challenge? Drumroll please!

Day #5. Be curious.

“Responsible travelers have to be passionately curious,” says Martin Hatchuel. Responsible travel is not merely ticking the boxes or repeating what’s been done in a repetitive fashion. This is the opportunity to expand one’s horizons.

It’s O.K. to ask questions, even provocative questions. Use the responsible tourism groups and the RT Week event page on Facebook to post questions. Tweet questions (using the hashtag #rtweek2013).

Search for a place you’d like to visit on Flickr, Google Earth and Wikipedia. If you find someone or someplace you love, let us know!

As it’s Foodie Friday, eat something local and delicious. We highly recommend saying ‘thank you’ to the vendors at a local market or the chef at a favorite restaurant. Bonus points if you share photos in our Flickr Groups World Food and World Market.

Google+ Hangout: 830am PST
Conversation with Marcus Bauer

Elsewhere on the Web:

Be Curious! (Curiosity Rover on Mars!) @MarsCuriosity

Las Vegas Photo Safari 02.2013

slow down, it's cape town

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