Responsible Travel Week Day 4: Be Empathetic #rtweek2013

Responsible Travel Week, Day #4: Thursday, February 14

2013 is the fifth year for Responsible Travel Week (February 11-17) and’s 13th year of innovative conferencing. We expect our global conversation to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation.

Today is Valentine’s Day and we hope you’re enjoying a fun holiday with your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, love and compassion. It’s a perfect time to fall in love with responsible travel.

Day #4. Today’s challenge: Be empathetic.

‘What does your heart say?’ is a greeting in the Mixtec language (‘Na ca anun’). If we allow our hearts to be open, we gain and give so much. Our advice: if you don’t know what someone else wants, ask them. This is the logic behind the Platinum Rule.

Our physical, get outside challenge today is to visit a local park — whether it’s a neighborhood pocket park or a World Heritage Site. Check in via Foursquare or take a photo to upload to our Flickr Groups (city parks and world parks). Bonus points if you volunteer, make a donation or just tell the park staff what you love about the park. “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice, says Meister Eckhart.

Last bit of advice: Don’t forget the chocolate!

Google+ Hangout: 830am PST
If you’d like to join us, confirm your interest via the Google+ Event page. Recordings will be uploaded to YouTube.

Elsewhere on the Web:

There’s been a flurry of activity on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of our resources that have come to our attention:

Looking ahead: Friday is our big photo safari in Las Vegas and a guided trek in Cape Town! Let us know if you’re planning a local event!

Do What You Love = Haz Lo Que Amas

na ca anun

ayuuk expressions of love

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1 Response to Responsible Travel Week Day 4: Be Empathetic #rtweek2013

  1. Thanks for the link to ‘Voluntourism Hurts’! Mark is a wonderful storyteller, and I can’t wait to see the documentary once it’s finished.

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