Responsible Travel Week Day 2: Be Generous #rtweek2013

Responsible Travel Week, Day #2: Tuesday, February 12

2013 is the fifth year for Responsible Travel Week (February 11-17) and’s 13th year of innovative conferencing. This event is free, though financial donations are appreciated!

The motto of the 2013 RT Week is Redo, Re-Imagine and Remix. What comes around goes around, so it’s with great pleasure that we get to ‘redo’ Responsible Travel Week every year. Imagine. How could we repeat an event, a trip, an encounter so that it would be better for all concerned? That’s our plan for RT Week.

If you want to be an engaged participant, post your news on the Facebook event pageGoogle+ event page or tweet using the hashtag #rtweek2013. If you want to be charitable, then please ‘like’ or share this blog.

Day #2. Today’s challenge: Be generous.

Talk up someone else’s business. Talk up another country or city. Write a testimonial for someone on Flickr, or give an endorsement on LinkedIn. Retweet someone’s tweet, give a thumb’s up to a video on YouTube. If you have an account on Foursquare, ‘check in’ at a place you like that you’d recommend to visitors. To be loved, love! Here are some tips on being generous.

Collaborate and celebrate the positive efforts of others. True, sometimes we do suck at collaboration but other times we’re actually quite good. Focus on those interactions and see if we can build better relations this week and throughout the year.

Elsewhere on the Web and around the World

Google+ Hangout: Here’s the recording of yesterday’s chat with Aivar Ruukel. Buzzword Bingo fans, here’s some of the lingo, aka jargon we used: food miles, food waste, hashtag, sustainability, wilderness, World Parks Congress. No hangout today, but we’ll schedule chats Wednesday-Friday.

There’s been plenty of activity on the Facebook event page and a bunch of new links on the Storify page. For those attending the ITB Berlin in March, check out the A-Zs of Responsible Travel.

Elsewhere on the Web: There’s been plenty of activity on the Facebook event page and a bunch of new links on the Storify page. For those attending the ITB Berlin in March, check out the A-Zs of Responsible Travel event. Here’s what caught our attention:

Looking ahead: Wednesday is World Radio Day! What’s on your playlist for those passionate about travel and conservation?

Later this week local events are scheduled in Cape Town and Mossel Bay, South Africa and Las Vegas, Nevada. If you cannot join us on the ground, join us online. Comments are welcome below. Also, keep an eye on the conference hub.

Everyone's Invited! Responsible Travel Week 2013 #rtweek2013

Flickr Lessons: If you like this photo, give it a star #socialweb

What do you like / dislike on your Facebook Page?

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