Here’s our calendar for February. If you have local events or global celebrations to announce, please use the comments below. We’re getting stoked for the February 11-17 Responsible Travel Week, our 5th annual week-long unconference highlighting what we love best about tourism that benefits locals and visitors.

February 2 First Friday (Las Vegas and other cities)

February 2 Dia de la Candelaria (Mexico)

February 2 Groundhog Day (USA and Canada)

February 2 World Wetlands Day

February 5 Constitution Day (Mexico)

February 6 Waitangi Day (New Zealand)

February 6 Sami National Day

February 12 Birthday of Charles Darwin (born 1809)

February 13 World Radio Day

February 14 Valentine’s Day

February 21 International Mother Language Day

February 22 Margarita Day

February 24 Flag Day (Mexico)

Circle the dates on your calendar: Responsible Travel Week 2013 #rtweek2013

February 2013 Coquito Trees in Barrio Jalatlaco, Oaxaca  @bighugelabs #oaxacatoday

Looking forward to the Art of Romance in Las Vegas This Friday @FirstFridayLV #FirstFridayLV

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