Announcing Responsible Travel Week, Feb 11-17 #rtweek2013

Fall in love with responsible travel February 11-17 as hosts our annual Responsible Travel Week, a week-long unconference that kicks off 2013 in fine style. A great plus: admission is free and there’s no jet lag!

Mark Your Calendar: Responsible Travel Week 2013 #rtweek2013
Join us for Responsible Travel Week Feb 11-17 #rtweek2013 #responsibletourism

The friendly confab takes place online and around the world through a series of local events organized by participants.

2013 is the fifth year for Responsible Travel Week and’s 13th year of innovative conferencing. We expect our global conversation to take a great leap forward thanks to inspired participation. There are plenty of ways to get involved.

tentpole event, Responsible Travel Week stands as one of the primary poles of attention for our work and our commitment toward effective communication and collaboration. The motto of the 2013 RT Week is Redo, Re-Imagine and Remix.

Participants are asked to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to travel and ethical behavior, to consider ways in which tourism benefits locals and visitors alike and most importantly in an era of the social web, to build on one another’s efforts, to literally remix media in ways that enlighten and embolden. Toward that end we have a poster contest and we’ll be encouraging participants to curate responsible travel stories.

Responsible Travel Week amplifies down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible travelconscious travel, the local travel movement and ecotourism with the inexpensive social web. We have the tools in hour hands to plan trips, to welcome visitors, to make the world a better place. Let’s learn how to use new technologies, how to combine high tech with lo-fi face-to-face-gatherings.

We welcome financial sponsors, including individuals and institutions willing to invest in a more formal approach, including awards and workshops focused on digital literacy training.

Plan ahead and let us know your plans. What participants get out of a conference depends on what you put in. We recommend budgeting time before, during and after the week to put responsible travel into action. Even a modest investment of time and attention can pay off spectacularly with new ideas and contacts. Be inspired and be inspiring!

How to Get Involved

Share the news online and in face-to-face chats

Ask questions.

Create your own Responsible Travel Week poster (examples)

Prepare a presentation to share online in public

Organize local events, including photosafaris,  carrotmobs and green drinks.

Create local information resources including foamboards and pop-up museums.

Register on social web channels:

Delicious: Follow rtweek2013

FacebookJoin the event and share this on your wall

Flickr: Upload photos, create an album and curate a gallery

GoogleJoin the Google+ Event

Ranker: Vote for the countries you think are responsible travel leaders

Slideshare: View the presentation. You can also embed this on your site.

Twitter: Use the hashtag: #rtweek2013; tweet this blog (there’s a button below)

Youtube: Upload a video or create your own video playlist (example)

Ron’s Blog: Comment on this blog!

Redo, Re-Imagine, Remix: Responsible Travel Week 2013 #rtweek2013

Donations Welcome! Responsible Travel Week 2013 #rtweek2013

Want to participate in a global travel conference with no jet lag? Join Responsible Travel Week Feb 11-17 #rtweek2013

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