Slideshare Snapshot

Bragging. Slideshare tells me my presentations have received more than 1 million views. Thank you, everyone! I appreciate the attention as well as the favorites, follows, comments, retweets and other forms of sharing.

I’m fascinated by what people find most interesting on and the various social web channels I maintain. Kudos to Slideshare for making everyone’s stats transparent. Here is a snapshot of the most viewed presentations on my Slideshare account as of January 2013:

We Suck @ CollaborationWe Suck @ Collaboration 1 year ago,73469 views, 11 comments
Como escribir un boletin de prensaComo escribir un boletin de prensa 6 years ago,52316 views, 2 comments
Conscious travel and waking upConscious travel and waking up 8 months ago,38726 views
(Responsible) Travel Posters #rtweek2013(Responsible) Travel Posters 8 months ago,36944 views, 1 comment
Parks and Tourism WebinarParks and Tourism Webinar 1 year ago,29866 views, 2 comments
Indigenous Peoples Week 2012Indigenous Peoples Week 2012 9 months ago,29253 views, 3 comments
All Travel is LocalAll Travel is Local 4 months ago,28735 views, 1 comment
Responsible Tourism in CitiesResponsible Tourism in Cities 2 years ago,28283 views
Engaging eventsEngaging events 6 months ago,27563 views, 4 comments
Play Buzzword Bingo 2012Play Buzzword Bingo 2012 6 months ago,24847 views
Storytelling NowStorytelling Now 3 years ago,23739 views, 12 comments
Muertos: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, MexicoMuertos: Day of the Dead 2 years ago,23360 views
Responsible Tourism Week 2012Responsible Tourism Week 2012 1 year ago,22248 views, 6 comments
Global Workshop for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Biodiversity, Tourism and the Social Web Global Workshop for Indigenous Peoples 4 months ago,20775 views, 7 comments
Food, Health and Cultivating CommunitiesFood, Health and Cultivating Communities 1 year ago,18341 views, 4 comments
World MuseumsWorld Museums 3 years ago,17460 views
Global Perspective of EcotourismGlobal Perspective of Ecotourism 5 years ago,16557 views, 1 comment
Mezcal Treasure HuntMezcal Treasure Hunt 3 years ago,16094 views
Deepening Engagement How Local, Regional and National Governments Brag, Develop and Nurture Travel and TourismDeepening Engagement How Governments Brag about Tourism 3 years ago,15735 views, 3 comments
Responsible Travel Week 2013Responsible Travel Week 2013 3 months ago,15668 views, 3 comments

FYI, As of January 2013:

162 SlideShares
More Slideshare commentary/tips online the Planeta Wiki

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