Welcome to the Flickrverse

Nevermind the doomsday news .. and I’m not talking about the Maya in which I case I’d say ‘nevermind the doomsday news’ but that’s another story.

There’s a good chance that Flickr will survive and thrive in 2013. If you have been away, welcome back to the Flickrverse. If you’re new to Flickr, welcome all the same.

According to its official spin, Flickr is “an easy way to share photos to the world … or privately with family and friends. See the world through others’ eyes, participate, find your muse, and expand your horizons!” This is one of my preferred social web tools as images can be viewed in any language. For tourism providers – artisans, restaurant owners, hotels – it’s a great way of showing what’s on the menu (literally). You can upload your own photos or add stars and comments to the photos already online.

Personally, I’m invested and quite stoked to have 5 million views in the Flickrverse!
The graph below shows the all-time numbers and a strong daily rate (until inexorably the stats bottom due to some curious anomaly that gives Flickr it’s ‘charm.’)

While my account’s numbers are high, the missing x-factor has been shared interaction with those in the photos. Living in rural Mexico, I sort of expected that and printed and remixed pictures into artwork that could help my friends. But the interaction is about go virtual as so many of friends who had no aspiration toward photography are shooting up a storm with their smartphones. And they have greater access to the web archives than ever before.

Basic accounts on Flickr are free and premium accounts are a great value ($25/year). Some complain there’s a cost. I say … great value. Did I mention the free account rocks … if you use it.

Anyone for a photo safari?

Good news. Today's @Flickr Stats: 5 Million Views #socialweb #screenshot

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