Oaxaca Fertíl is a new independent organization creating awareness for the flora and fauna in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Through hands on tree pruning workshops, art shows, public conferences and slow walks, Oaxaca Fertíl aims to enlighten locals and visitors and mainstream biodiversity.

Ciclo de Conferencias Nov 26-30 @OaxacaFertil

Tomorrow afternoon (Monday, November 26, 4-530pm) I’m delivering a presentation titled:Profundizando Raices Aprovechando las Redes Sociales using trees in Oaxaca as a case study. The talk will be given in Spanish (!) at the Taller Espacio Alternativo, Porfirio Díaz #413. Entrance is free and there are seats for 200 people.

I’m going to introduce some contests for putting photos on Flickr (Arboles de Oaxaca and World Trees). Bonus points will be awarded to those who check-in through Foursquare.

Bottom line: Oaxaca is indeed fertile ground for millennial indigenous cultures and innovative social bridging in the 21st century. Step by slow step we are exploring, collaborating and conserving the culture and the environment which give Oaxaca its notable magic and appeal. It is time to mainstream biodiversity. Interactions and notifications existed here long before Twitter and Facebook. Long before an online social web, people were authentically social. We look forward to deepening our friendships!”


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