Indigenous Oaxaca Top 10 Travel Experiences

One of the thoughts I’ve had this year in tandem all of the talk of responsible travel, local travel and indigenous travel is how to make it specific to places. In Oaxaca City, for example, every day could be ‘indigenous travel day’ but visitors are often … uneducated. Locals and visitors in Oaxaca are immersed in indigenous culture if we know where to look. It also helps to learn a few of the greetings.

Here’s my Top 10 of Oaxaca’s indigenous experiences for visitors on the run or preferably slow adventure!

1) Mercado Pochote Xochimilco (Friday/Saturday)
2) Museo Rufino Tamayo
3) Caldo de Piedra (Chinanteco goodness, don’t accept knock-offs)
4) Tienda Ayuuk (Sundays in Santa Maria del Tule)
5) Bicicletas Pedro Martinez
6) Expediciones Sierra Norte
7) Fundación En Via
8) Archaeological sites (bonus points when accompanied by indigenous friends)
9) Grupo Lula’a (particularly when featuring Comida Ayuuk)
10) Museos Comunitarios (particularly Teotitlán del Valle, Santa Ana del Valle)

Honorable mention: Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño,  Centro de Cultura San Pablo

Slow Adventures: Oaxaca Tree Walk (identify the local trees), Benito Juárez’ Footsteps (visit the places connected with Mexican President Benito Juárez)

Dance: Guelaguetza (and the mini Guelaguetzas throughout the year)

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Willingness to collaborate and craft Top 10 lists for visitors to other cities such Cape Town, Hyderabad, Las Vegas, London, Sydney … are also welcome.

Voces Indigenas de Oaxaca

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