Now We are 40: Checking-In @ Oaxaca’s Sanchez Pascuas Market

I could walk into this room
And the waves of conversation are enough
To knock you down in the undertow
– R.E.M.

OAXACA DE JUAREZ, MEXICO — Sánchez Pascuas Market celebrated its 40th anniversary on August 19.

I am privileged, privileged, privileged with the friendship of the vendors. For my efforts I was given a ginormous key to the market. Honestly, if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

The market is a showplace of collaboration. A display of historical photos is an improvised popup museum (though no one else here would think of using the term).

Many, many thanks to Minerva y Fernando, Gerhard y Guadalupe, Carmen y Lucia, Rosa y su mama y hermana, Oscar, Luz Gabriella, Manuel, Efrain, Gloria y Ignacio, Guille y Guillermina. Also special thanks to those who joined me: Esteban, Henry y Rosa y Carlos Topete, who wrote this great feature.

Finally, let me extend a challenge. Borrowing from the local tourism board’s current campaign of “Atrévete!’ I dare you to visit the markets in Oaxaca (Atrévete a visitar los mercados de Oaxaca). Check-in!




Oaxaca State's Police Band @ Mercado Sanchez Pascuas 09.2012


Check In! Mercado Sanchez Pascuas 10.2012

Oaxaca Wiki

More photos on Flickr

YouTube Playlist

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1 Response to Now We are 40: Checking-In @ Oaxaca’s Sanchez Pascuas Market

  1. Thanks for recognizing this wonderful mercado. I live a couple of blocks from it and it deserves your praise! Gracias, Mercado!

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