Indigenous Peoples Week 2012

Day #1 of Indigenous Peoples Week! Have a listen on iPadio!

Happy August 6 to everyone and a special greeting to Curiosity on Mars. I stayed awake late last night to watch the livestreaming video from NASA, so I am a bit groggy today. I’ve seen more live video from the mission to mars than the Olympics — #OlympicsFail . The whole ‘episode’ rekindled in the sheer joy of watching the Apollo missions in the late 1960s and 70s (yes, I remember) and have the same excitement about venturing online to discover indigenous life on this planet. This is indeed the week to be curious.

Some history. It was about three years ago that I first learned that the United Nations had an International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Rolls right off the tongue … The celebration takes place annually on August 9. So I had an idea. Living in Oaxaca and collaborating with good friends around the world who had won the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award (again, rolls right off the tongue), we decided to make a week-long unconference focusing on indigenous peoples and tourism.

It makes sense to create a have a week-long party because in Oaxaca, a celebration simply isn’t a celebration if it’s not a savored for an entire week. Thus our very local and very global Indigenous Peoples Week has numerous activities, challenges and foodie events. On Thursday, for example, here in Oaxaca friends from Grupo Lula’a are hosting an indigenous meal. Tip: Ask for ma’atsy! And if you dare … xëjk pojtsää!

By the way, did you know that Wednesday, August 8 is World Literacy Day? How might we join forces to combat digital illiteracy so prevalent in our society?

Thus was borne Indigenous Peoples Week with a two-fold objective: to raise awareness of indigenous tourism options around the world and to improve digital literacy skills among the indigenous tourism providers themselves. We can amplify indigenous voices only if we hear them.

As we begin, a special kudos to our partners: Nutti Sámi Siida from Swedish Lapland, Guurrbi Tours from Cape York, Queensland, Australia, TIME Unlimited from the North Island of New Zealand and from the northern Nevada, USA … Nevada Magazine.

How you can participate

Keep an eye on the Planeta Wiki for daily challenges as well as links to podcasts, slidecasts.

Please introduce yourself on Twitter using the hashtag #ipw2012. If you have not done so already on Twitter, update your avatar so that it is not an egg. Ditch the egg. Be you.

Please introduce yourself on the Facebook event page and remember, you don’t have to like Facebook to find that it can sometimes be really useful.

On Flickr, update your profile and avatar – aka the buddy icon – and add a star to one of the posters.

My personal goals are ambitious. By the end of August …

  • I’d like at least five of the travel companies on to talk up their work with indigenous peoples
  • I’d like at least five government pros to come on board and help edit the Planeta Wiki
  • I’d like at least five editors on the Planeta wiki to make contributions to the indigenous content on this site this week.
  • I’d like to motivate myself in creating a kickstarter campaign (or the like) to find financing to keep this running. Along with Responsible Tourism Week, Indigenous Peoples Week one of our tentpole events but without the resources to really connect the dots.
  • And I want to be inspired. I want those beautiful moments in which I learn or see or hear something that is absolutely gobsmacking. Please inspire us!

Online this week I will be updating these resources:

wiki hub: (359 edits!)
slideshare: indigenous peoples week (more than 25,000 views!)
ipadio: Podcast and phonecasts
delicious: Indigenous Peoples Week Stack
storify: Indigenous Peoples Week Favorite Tweets (21 views)
youtube: 2012 Indigenous Peoples Weekindigenous playlistcanastitas


Buzzword Bingo: Curiosity = The desire to learn about anything #buzzwordbingo

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