Listening to locals: Tourism marketing survey debuts

Today, the Local Travel Movement and the WHL Group are teaming up to review how satisfied you are with the way local tourism is marketed. This survey endeavors to understand how localities are promoted by asking the locals. From survey responses we will compile a list of good practices and suggestions for improving tourism promotion.

You help this effort by 1) answering the survey <> and 2) talking it up on the social web — particularly Facebook and Twitter. Please click the buttons below to share the news. And if you blog about, you’re welcome to use this graphic.

We are looking forward to a breadth and depth of responses to show us how marketing campaigns capture what’s local — the longtail appeal of a breadth and depth of what’s on offer, the things to do, the points of interest, the people who matter — or miss the mark in ways that locals can best point out.

What interests us is the marketing in the locale and of the locale — do locals feel engaged? Are they satisfied with the materials and information presented at the tourism kiosk? If they had a way of seeing, would they be pleased with how the city is presented at trade shows? Does the promotion reflect the a variety of narratives? This is not a rhetorical question. We ask you for your take on your city:

How good is tourism marketing where you live? @thetravelword @localtravels @ronmader

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3 Responses to Listening to locals: Tourism marketing survey debuts

  1. Aivar Ruukel says:

    Hi! When do you plan to share some first findings?

  2. ronmader says:

    Thanks, Aivar. We now have more some 50 responses and would love at least double this number by the end of August. Here are some raw excerpts from the survey:

    I’d think twice about pitching ideas to the public sector as there’s a history of such ideas finding there way into procurement processes and open tenders, which is a shabby way of treating intellectual property.

    Structures in Cologne normally are not open to outsiders. So if you don’t know someone in the tourism hierarchy or have some connection to the “apparatus” it’s difficult to become part of the discussion.

    We push to share ideas with our competitors but we have never been involved with Ministry of Tourism – we have tried! Reports have been written about tourism in Malawi- specifically eco-tourism- we were not consulted and the World Bank report was not available to tourism companies in Malawi unless specifically requested which seems mad!

    There is still TOO much duplication despite what everybody says about it…. The key is to DO the bits that need doing, that nobody else is doing – not doing the easy things and things we have always done…. DOING THE RIGHT THING, NOT THINGS RIGHT. Too many people, public and private sector too are still playing safe and NOT making REAL differences. Simplify strategies and local actions and get BASICS right at GRASS ROOT LEVELS. Wholesale change, not just tinkering.

    There is no overall plan for local tourism. When we began our DMO 6 years ago our city had a tourism budget, though no plan. Now it has neither, but we continue to market the community outside the community for now.

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