Oaxaca Treasures: Guelaguetza 2012

For those in Oaxaca, Mexico this week, Guelaguetza is the focus of attention with Lunes del Cerro on Monday July 23 and 30. For those not here, you might want to circle the dates on your 2013 calendar: July 22 and 29!

Working with friends we are updating the Oaxaca Wiki with related events and developing a buzzword bingo game, aka loteria perfect for learning Spanish.

What I have enjoyed most in the past 10 years is seeing how promotion for the event now transcends the ginormous auditorium on the hillside and reflects the happenings in nearby towns. On Monday July 30, for example, is the celebration in the town of Zaachila.

The big show on the hill celebrates its 80th birthday in 2012. It is available via livestreaming on the Web 10am-1pm and 5-8pm Mondays. It’s not the same as being here but it’s the next best thing:

Mexico Now! For current online info about Oaxaca, check out Oaxaca’s official tourism presence on Facebook and Twitter. The majority of Mexican state tourism offices are not using the social web. Oaxaca is far ahead of other states, and that’s just at the official level. I’d also promote the Oaxaca Today Group on Flickr which I happen to moderate.

Foodies, take note of Monday’s Comida Mixe (Ayuuk) at a local hole-in-the-wall Grupo Lula’a with my favorite presentation of spicy indigenous food. Doña Eni (from Santa Maria Ocotepec) is a fantastic cook. I’m convinced that Oaxaca’s treasures are the people moreso than ‘things to do’ or the minerals underground. Another treasure worth noting is Enrique Matadamas – aka the Candyman – who is selling traditional candy at the Pochimilco Market (which expands from Friday/Saturday to a Friday-Monday venue during this holiday.) More about who to visit on the Oaxaca wiki!

Oaxaca Hoy = Oaxaca Today

Enrique and the foamboard, Pochimilco Market @ Oaxaca 07.2012


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