Slideshare Tips for Conservation and Tourism Pros

I’d like to talk up one of my preferred tools for sharing presentations and learning from other colleagues.

Slideshare — — is an online platform for sharing presentations, PDFs and documents. You can upload your files, tag them, and make them available for embedding on your website or others. Transcripts of presentation will be indexed by search engines and show up in search results. I’ve had an account since 2007 and find this an indispensable means of developing and sharing presentations.

I’d like to make a pitch to colleagues working in tourism and conservation to do the following:
Be attentive: Read the presentations
Be creative: Upload your own presentations
Be generous: If you find a presentation you like, favorite it, add a comment. If you really like it, you can also tweet it, share it on your facebook wall or embed the widget on your website.
Be curious: Search out other presentations that might interest you

Bonus points if you have an account on Twitter and Google+. There are many good ways to weave the web. Example: if you have an account on Twitter, readers can tweet about your presentation and simultaneously direct people to your presentation and Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s more difficult to signal your attention or direct others to you.

More tips on using Slideshare

Perhaps ‘tool’ is the not the best word to use to describe Slideshare. ‘Social media channel’ is not much better. I consider this service a means of communicating with friends. The following are a few recent uploads from people I respect. I encourage you to have a look and share what inspires you!

Social media for DMOs

View more presentations from Martin Hatchuel

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1 Response to Slideshare Tips for Conservation and Tourism Pros

  1. Saludos Ron, te dejo mis sitios de trabajo, suerte en el trabajo.
    Un gusto.

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