Chill out with conscious travel and green drinks in Las Vegas #GreenDrinksLV

Las Vegas: Thursday, July 12, 6-730pm

This week the Las Vegas Green Drinks serves up a refreshing talk on ecotourism and social media.’s Ron Mader is the featured presenter. Everyone’s invited to Las Vegas’ Irish Pub Murphy’s Law, 1590 East Flamingo Road. The event is free.

Tip: Bring your laptop or smartphone to share lessons learned in real-time. The venue offers free wi-fi, tasty food and chilled beverages.

Objective: One objective is to set the stage for an upcoming photo safari in Las Vegas. We’ll explain how this works and ask participants brainstorm about possible venues and meeting times.

A word about the format: Green Drinks are informal networking events where environmentally-minded people meet over drinks to build new relationships. It’s a popular format used around the world. The Las Vegas Green Drinks chapter has a Facebook Group and Facebook Page

If you cannot join us in person, feel free to ask questions on the Facebook Event Page or comment on this blog. We will see if we can get livestreaming video to work during the event. 6pm Las Vegas is 8pm Mexico City, 9pm New York City, Friday 2am London, Friday 1pm Auckland, Friday 9am Perth. Tune in to

Be engaged! How to participate online:

Green Drinks July 2012: Exploring Ecotourism with Ron Mader

What does conscious travel look like in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas on the Web

View more presentations from ron mader
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