Solar Celebration in Nevada

How to celebrate the Summer Solstice?

In southern Nevada there was the first annual Solar Celebration in Henderson (just outside Las Vegas). It was a superb first-time event with great networking, exhibits and talks from local leaders. Kudos to the organizers, sponsors and exhibitors. This is exactly the kind of inspiring grassroots event that can motivate locals and visitors alike.

Details about the event are online Conservation District of Southern Nevada’s website.

I’d like to add update this blog entry with contact info. Feel free to add relevant info as a comment on this blog or the individual videos. You are also cordially invited to tweet about this or add this blog to Google+. I’ll be updating the Nevada and Las Vegas wiki pages and embedding the info on

Natural Awakenings LV
Clean Energy Project
Black Rock Solar

Solar Celebration @ Henderson, Nevada 06.2012

Henderson Events Plaza

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1 Response to Solar Celebration in Nevada

  1. Thank you for taking the time to preserve and share parts of our first Solarbration! By your remarks it is evident that you understand the heart and soul and purpose of the event. We will be organizing the next event soon and look forward to an even better festival next year!
    Many thanks for your kind words!

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