No Animals Were Harmed During this Safari: World Environment Day in Oaxaca, Mexico #WED2012 #WEDChallenge

One more sleep and I’ll be Waking Up in the Green Economy. World Environment Day is tomorrow (June 5) and to celebrate in Oaxaca, we held our photo safari. This year’s attractions included trees sculpted in various animal forms, including the bear, owl, ram and jaguar.

Here’s to a v wherever you are today. If you take some photos that are relevant to World Environment Day, please consider sharing on our Flickr Group:

Mexico: Be prepared to be surprised @ Oaxaca 06.2012

Mexico: Do you see the fish? @ Oaxaca 06.2012

Taking pictures of the frog @ Oaxaca 06.2012

Oaxaca 06.2012

Bujo = Owl @ Oaxaca 06.2012

Jaguar @ Oaxaca 06.2012

Oaxaca 06.2012

Wildlife Checklist @ #WED2012 #FotoSafari in Oaxaca

Free Poster for 2012 World Environment Day Oaxaca Photo Safari #wed2012 #wedchallenge #qrcode #oaxacatoday @UNEP

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