What is this veg called … and how do you eat it?

What is this veg called … and how do you eat it? Recipes and nutritional info welcome.

What is this veg called and how do you cook it?

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3 Responses to What is this veg called … and how do you eat it?

  1. Kelvin says:

    It looks like rhubarb leaves. If so the leaves are poisoness and you eat only the stalk, boiled with sugar or honey is nice, or made into crumble.
    Could also be chard or burdock? Or something we don’t get in UK!

  2. ronmader says:

    Thanks, Kelvin. A friend has told me that this Collard greens. One way to cook it is to remove the thick center rib, slice it into thin ribbons, and sautee in some olive oil with garlic and some crumbled dried chiles.


    • j9c says:

      Or, if you’re in the mood for Chinese food, and if that really is collards that are tender and not too tough:

      — center ribs, minced
      — remaining leaves, shredded
      — fresh ginger root, 1/4 – 1/2 inch piece (depending on how much volume you’re cooking), minced, unless you are a ginger freak like me, then: more!
      — a clove of fresh garlic, minced
      — neutral flavored oil; I use olive oil because that’s what we usually have

      Heat frying pan and oil, put minced rib bits in first, then ginger and garlic BUT do not let those get brown. Put in shredded leaves. Stir briefly, leaves should turn bright green. Taste to see if it’s soft enough for your liking. If not, add half cup water, put a lid or plate over the pan, and turn the heat off. It will soften a bit more.

      Plate it. Dress with:

      — juice of half a lemon or lime or orange
      — soy sauce (you knew this was coming, right?)
      — pepitas or sesame seeds, toasted (optional; these do up the protein content though)

      Or dress with:
      — a few spoonfuls of nut or seed “butter” plus the citrus juice and soy sauce, to taste. Do this while the leaves are hot so the nut butter is loose enough to mix well. Toss.

      Good luck Ron!

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