Proposing a Responsible, Conscious, Local Travel Unconference in Oaxaca 09.2012

Is it time for a meeting, gathering, party, unconference focusing on responsible, conscious local travel? Friends are suggesting a summit in Oaxaca de Juárez in September to get a handle on the gamut of niche audiences and how to connect using social media. Any interest?

Oaxacan friends host grassroots events, food tastings, walks and sporting tournaments but often not knowing how to connect to ‘tourism.’ The idea would be to introduce them to Ethan Gelber and the Local Travel Movement and Anna Pollock and Conscious Travel and vice-versa. I suspect we’ll have some zipcasts and google+ hangouts in which anyone can participate from around the world.

Those who cannot join us in person are encouraged to create (and communicate) your own local travel / conscious travel event.

All travel is local = Todo turismo es local

Aniversario #40 Mercado Sanchez Pascuas

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3 Responses to Proposing a Responsible, Conscious, Local Travel Unconference in Oaxaca 09.2012

  1. Aivar Ruukel says:

    I hope there will be live streaming 🙂 ?

  2. ronmader says:

    Format to be determined. Suggestions are welcome.

    For those in Oaxaca or planning to visit, pay special attention as we create a schedule.

    For those unable to visit person, I would encourage you to create your own local grassroots travel events over the next few months. Also record lessons learned via Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube … you know the drill. We can share these presentations with the world.

  3. Ethan Gelber says:

    A great idea! And something that the Local Travel Movement ( would absolutely stand squarely behind so that everyone who believes in Local Travel values can be part, even if they’re not on hand in Oaxaca.

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