Engaging New Zealand and South Africa: #TRENZ2012 vs #Indaba2012

Tourism trade conferences this month include Trenz (May 7-10 in New Zealand) and Indaba (May 12-15 in South Africa).

Hashtag Battle: #Indaba2012 vs #Trenz2012
It will be interesting to see how these events compare in regards to live-streaming video and tweeting. Hashtag Battle on! We have good friends at both events and we plan to monitor their Twitter channels to bolster our awareness of tourism and conservation.

The question to be answered in 2012 is ‘has the penny dropped?’ Do event organizers make it easy for participants in the brick-and-mortar convention centers to share with the world the goings on? Do event organizers know how to tap into the unseen participation from those online?

Last year’s Indaba set the benchmark for hosting the Responsible Tourism in Cities Workshop streamed live around the world. The presentation I delivered – We Suck @ Collaboration – was viewed in real-time by 100 people in the auditorium and more than and another 150 simultaneous virtual delegates who joined via live-streaming video and real-time Twitter. Since then this presentation has garnered 47,000+ views on Slideshare.

Other big time tourism conferences joined the party by offering live video, including November’s World Travel Market and to a lesser degree the ITB in Berlin.

There’s no single recipe here that traditional travel conferences can use to interact with online participants, so we look forward to the surprises ahead in South Africa and New Zealand.

I should add that the intersection of virtual and physical participation is not limited to tourism conferences. We are paying attention to the upcoming Rio+20 and the World Conservation Congress.

My question for you, dear reader, is how would you like to ‘engage’ with conferences of personal interest even though you have no intention of attending in person?

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