Tourism, Social Media and the New Engagement

This week focuses our attention on the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism and Media Conference which takes place Thursday and Friday. Hashtag: #tourismmedia

“There are many stories to share in the world of tourism and media,” said founder Ron Mader, who hosted the pioneering 2001 online Media, Environment and Tourism Conference. “The most interesting story now is that caused by social media — tourism and media pros now have multiple channels by which to communicate … or not. There is a great deal of silo behavior by tourism authorities in which critical issues are not shared in a transparent and timely fashion.”

Action steps we’d like to see:  1. Build transparency into every step 2. Build a culture of responsiveness 3. Make participation a public exchange with benefits for all 4. Learn from collaboration success and expand peer-to-peer partnership 5. Embrace journalism’s role in a networked information universe. (Hey, that sounds familiar!)

Storify will be used to curate relevant resources and tweets. Suggestions are welcome. Please suggest resources or questions you would like to explore relevant to this topic.

Questions for the organizers and participants of the April 26-27 conference:

What were the outcomes of the 2011 Media and Tourism Conference?

Will there be live-streaming video or audio?

For those paying attention online, are there any recommended ways to contribute to the discussion? How do we participate?

Is anyone interested in collaborating on a public review of how media covers travel in times of crisis?

To what degree do tourism authorities assist media connecting with indigenous peoples and indigenous peoples connect with media? (This is a topic we’ll review in detail during Indigenous Peoples Week)

Questions for everyone:
What suggestions do you have on improving relations among those working in media and tourism?
Should we be concerned by tourism pros paying for tweets and positive coverage?
What are good examples of independent journalism taking on critical issues?
What are examples of countries or city tourism offices using social media to answer questions?

Where's the story? Connecting Tourism and Media, Hashtag #tourismmedia #socialmedia

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