Earth Day in Oaxaca: Gameification On

If this works, it will be so much fun!

The idea is this: I have asked friends who sell fresh veggies, tamales, tejate, vanilla, weavings, ceramics, chocolate at the Pochimilco Market to make a sign or a poster with an environmental message for Earth Day.

Why? Signage skills could be improved if the vendors wish to communicate with clients and this contest put a positive spin on ‘making a sign’ and rewards good practice with positive attention. All travel is essentially local travel (says good friend Anna Pollock) and today is good example here in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ready to play? Just learn the lingo of how ‘Earth Day’ is said in indigenous languages at the market.

Here’s how visitors can play: Ask permission to take a picture and then choose your favorites for upload today (or as soon as possible) to Facebook and Flickr, particularly the groups for Oaxaca Today and Oaxaca Markets. Show us what you love at the market!

How online friends (who are not physically present) can play: Favorite and tweet this blog. Ask questions or post encouraging comments as a reply. On Flickr, add stars to the Flickr album. There are probably some more ways to make this an engaging experience. Share your ideas.

The market opens in a few hours!

Bonus points to the sellers who find their photos on Flickr and then give these images a star. Likewise, we challenge the photographers to create a Flickr ‘gallery’ that documents the market. If this works it’s a good exercise in being creative and being generous. A mix of lo-fi and high-tech. Learn social media by being social.

As to ‘rewards’ – Number One is attention. These efforts will be recognized and applauded with a smile and a sincere thank you (truly a a magical word if you use it from the heart). Number Two is a physical prize, in this case a kangaroo. Gameification On!

Earth Day Contest (Concurso Dia de la Tierra) @ Oaxaca 04.2012

Concurso Dia de la Tierra (Earth Day Contest) @ Oaxaca 04.2012

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