Atlatl Challenge Draws Attention to Indigenous Ingenuity

I love events that showcase the local surroundings AND offer something new that breaks the routine.

Later this week in southern Nevada from March 30 – April 1 the World Atlatl Association is holding a special event at Valley of Fire State Park. I wish I could be there myself.

The World Atlatl Association hosts its 21st annual contest and invites the public to learn about this ancient weapon and to try their skills in a throwing contest. I see a future episode of CSI, but nothing dangerous in real life.

Consider this a live demonstration of indigenous ingenuity. The atlatl predates the bow and arrow. There will be demonstrations, target contests and an endurance challenge.

The events are free and entry to Valley of Fire State Park is $10 per vehicle. Nevada residents receive a $2 discount. Details on the Nevada Parks website.

TIP: For those visiting Valley of Fire State Park, check out the Lost City Museum in nearby Overton. The museum is open Wednesday-Sundays and is one of my favorite small museums in the world.

Valley of Fire event celebrates ancient weapon atlatl
Atlatl Throwing Tests Skills of Participants
The Mayans’ Deadly Wooden Gun

21th Annual World Atlatl Association Contest

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