There’s an elephant in the room … literally #ExpoFonaes2012

There’s an elephant in the room. Literally.

Folk Art in Mexico City 03.2012
Great news from Mexico City: Elephants in the Palacio de los Deportes are taking over, along with other Ayuuk (Mixe) ceramics, Zapotec weavings and more local eye candy from around the nation. March 15-18 are the dates for the first Expo FONAES of 2012!

In my opinion, this is the single best local food and folk art event in Mexico. Probably 99% of expo visitors are Mexicans (and most Mexicans from Mexico City), and they are on to something. The expo is a trip around the country under one roof.

I would highly recommend this to the conscious traveler, aka responsible tourist or foodie. Calling out to international amigos, I would recommend this to Kurt Ackermann, Melissa Biggs, Anders Karrstedt and countless others. If you like meeting people and eating well, this is for you. If you were in Mexico City, do yourself a favor by checking out the flavors at this Foodspotting venue. You can also use Foursquare to check yourself in.

Think of it this way. Visiting the expo is akin to spending the day at the Museo de Antropologia except instead of seeing the national treasures behind glass, the treasures are the people. Kudos to FONAES for hosting such an event.

I attended last fall and was gobsmacked by the breadth and depth of offerings and friendly faces. My judgement was biased, to be candid, by knowing many of the vendors from Oaxaca!

Tip: Keep an eye on Storify. As I did last fall, I’ll curate the ongoing story from the tweets and Flickr pics posted online.

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