Responsible Tourism Week: Day #6

We’re winding down Responsible Tourism Week with a photo safari in Mossel Bay, South Africa and a mezcal tasting in Oaxaca, Mexico. For those not in Oaxaca, I can honestly say that I wish you were here! This is a slow delicious adventure which introduces to you to friends at the Pochimilco Market.

It’s Day #6 of RT Week and a nerdy thanks for all the retweets for responsible tourism. Today I am not recording the audio highlights, but you can have a look of recent posts courtesy of Visible Tweets.

Today’s challenge: Reflect on what you’ve learned and post announcements on specific actions you’d like to make in the next few months. One of the objectives of RT Week is to improve continuity, so we welcome news of new tours, upcoming conferences, calls for photos, competitions, anything that moves us all forward.

Administrative Notes: I would call your attention to the wiki and to the curated collection of tweets on Storify.

Mezcal Walk 2012

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