Responsible Tourism Week: Day #5

Day #5 of Responsible Tourism Week is here. Have a look or a listen to the tweets.

I spent most of the day in rural Oaxaca with Fundación En Via on their microfinance tour. My high expectations were exceded. The personal interaction among borrowers and visitors was outstanding. Lack of credit combined with high interest rates makes doing business exceedingly difficult in Mexico. The notion of using visitor fees to fund interest-free loans has awesome wealth-creating possibilities.

Today we focus on the VIP members of Responsible Tourism Week, the businesses featured on in our World Travel Directory and Directory of Spanish Language Schools. 2012 is a transition year for us as we figure out the communication strategies that work best. Since 1994 we’ve had companies fill out an application and pay for a listing. They still do this, though I’m asking help in articulating how we can go beyond a ‘check the boxes’ approach and collaborate further using social media. These businesses are paying for a listing, but they also get my attention. What is the value of attention?

This weekend we wrap up Responsible Tourism Week with some outstanding local events. I would call your attention to the calendar of events online the Wiki and to the curated collection of tweets on Storify.

Today’s livestreaming real-time Zipcast focuses on social media strategies for travel companies. This is our last formal zipcast of RT Week and big thanks to everyone who tuned in. It’s good software and a great way to present to numerous people around the world.

Meet me at the Pochimilco Market = Me encuentras en el Mercado Pochimilco (Free Map!)

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