Responsible Tourism Week: Day #3

Day #3 of Responsible Tourism Week. Have a look or a listen to the tweets.

Yesterday we asked how to encourage and evaluate local input in tourism. There was an engaging Q&A on Facebook courtesy of Fundación en Via and some responses on Facebook and Twitter. I suspect the answer is listening more. What do want locals want? This answer and the speed of answering the question, varies around the world. We need to be wary of putting our perspectives as the modus operandi when dealing with others. And this takes time.

Viva Slow Travel!

It’s great to see the focus on slow travel from WHL and the Local Travel Movement. I think it’s part and parcel of responsible tourism. For the past howmany years my motto has been ‘Think Smart, Travel Slow’ and what I mean is not just about taking a 6-month sabbatical and moving slow as jelly but rather committing to an awareness. Tourism stats don’t include the time spent in preparation or reflection. Officials measure bums on seats, bed nights and the in-country expenditures. These numbers tell part but not all of the story.

Today’s challenge: Collaborate and celebrate the collaborative efforts of others. True, sometimes we do suck at collaboration but other times we’re actually quite good. Focus on those interactions and see if we can build better relations today.

Challenge #2: Search for ‘responsible tourism’ on Wikipedia. Also search for the place where you live. Is the information accurate? Bonus points if you make a helpful edit to a wiki today.

Today: Those in London are cordially invited to the meeting on tourism and volunteering. Live video courtesy of Justin, 7pm in London.

Administrative Notes: I would call your attention to the frequently asked questions online the Wiki and to the curated collection of tweets on Storify.

Today’s livestreaming real-time Zipcast focused on all things wiki. Tomorrow we are zipping our way through a presentation of parks and tourism. Join us at 8:30am Mexico time (GMT-6) online Slideshare. You can preview Wiki.

Seek out and create stories that make you feel that the universe is friendly and life is on your side.

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