Responsible Tourism Week: Day #1

Responsible Tourism Week has begun! Many thanks to the early adopters, friends in Cape Town, South Africa who organized a Pecha Kucha today as well friends in Mossel Bay who announced a local photo safari on Saturday. We also received the invitation to a meeting on volunteering and tourism in London, England on Wednesday. Impressive!

Many thanks to everyone who is participating. It’s a treat to hear so many inspiring stories from around the world. The questions that have been posed are first-rate and we’ll explore these topics in depth over the next seven days. Have a look or a listen to the tweets.

As we are just getting started, I would call your attention to the preparation tips online the Wiki and to the curated collection of tweets on Storify.

Today’s livestreaming real-time Zipcast focused on responsible tourism photography. Tomorrow we are talking about folk art, artesania and how to use social media to give artisans due credit. Join us at 8:30am Mexico time (GMT-6) online Slideshare. You can preview Crafting Our Future.

Buzzword Bingo: Curate = To collect, assemble, organize (2011) #buzzwordbingo

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