2011 wiki stats

The term ‘wiki’ is derived from a Polynesian word meaning ‘quick.’ This is an apt descriptor since changes can be made immediately by editors.

Think of a wiki as a collaborative mural. Artists come together and prepare something in a public space. There’s more than one ‘wiki’ as certainly as there are more than one wall.

Why wiki? Working together we can put information where others can more easily access it, edit it and improve it. Wikis require active participation, top-down and bottom-up buy-in, commitment from multiple parties and frequently face-to-face training.

That said, here are the 100 most viewed pages of the Planeta Wiki in 2011

home 41668
auckland 28574
copyright 24553
ecotourismnz 18314
mexico 13330
audio 13319
germany 12123
rss 11451
rtweek2011 9449
itbw 9203
google 9103
newzealand 8521
otago 8230
flickr 7486
twitter 7152
southafrica 6956
rugby 6764
bushtelegraph 6407
colibri 6263
alaska 6070
youtube 5991
climate 5987
ecuador 5829
buzzwordbingo 5647
australia 5569
mxnatour 5469
wiki 5414
usa 5306
capetown 5242
forum 5209
facebook 5190
rtcities 5116
durban 5067
web2 4941
web2workshop 4859
lasvegas 4772
slideshare 4722
workshops 4708
playlist 4593
food 4397
responsibletourism 4227
biodiversity 4176
storytelling 4046
estonia 4039
baseball 3996
science 3958
blogs 3932
parksweb2 3838
editors 3812
rugby2011 3799
ecotourism 3720
parks 3572
maori 3534
videos 3524
delicious 3516
london 3507
indigenousweek 3491
df 3449
googlearth 3400
canada 3375
maya 3183
maoriproverbs 3128
city 3058
indigenous 3032
volunteer 3002
flickrgroups 2964
communication 2925
ronmader 2821
queensland 2818
play 2765
queenstown 2710
chiapas 2673
awards 2644
2011 2610
wikipedia 2568
oregon 2545
spotlightaward 2538
livestreaming 2536
energy 2524
quotes 2524
ruraltourism2009 2506
victoria 2480
southafricaslang 2461
ireland 2453
sweden 2438
cycling 2436
ozslang 2403
top10 2401
panama 2389
wtd 2385
workshop21 2380
photosafari 2374
wishlist 2335
fun 2295
ecoconference 2285
austria 2282
peru 2275
tourismportals 2274
football2010 2263
aboriginal 2260
Q&A about the Top 100 Pages

How do you explain the Auckland peak?

The rise of this page surprised me as well. Three big factors contributed to the rise of Auckland wiki views in 2011

1) I participated from afar in the NetHui event — http://nethui.org.nz — and through tweets and retweets, struck up an online conversation with a number of people. This also bolstered the traffic on the ‘copyright’ page on the Planeta Wiki

2) Auckland wiki has been edited by our ITBW winners Time Unlimited. The content is quite rich.

3) Auckland became well known thanks to the World Rugby Cup. I think this developed some of the traffic.

The 2011 stats show a big jump in Feb 2011. Was that the Responsible Tourism week?

I believe that the February 2011 jump was caused by Responsible Tourism Week

The germanwho is not listed. wouldnt it than be better to include into the national pages?

I would rather keep the pages separate so that the nerdy, detailed tourism insider info is on a single page. The Germany page should remain an intro guide. It’s also quite popular.

I’d really like to find a few more wiki editors who are familiar with Deutschland and tourism. The info we get on the far side of the Atlantic about Germany is rarely that interesting or informative.

Any surprises?

Some of my favorites didn’t make this list. There were a lot of edits to Sami. It’s not all about the number of views. My hope for 2012 is that we see more editors being more active and that friends continue to tweet, share, tag and curate their favorite pages.

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