Blue Sky Thinking and #COP17

Staying informed on matters related to climate change is a challenge in itself. Now that #COP17 is almost over … let’s ask what did we learn about Durban? Besides road map, KP and ambition, what were most used buzzwords? And what did everyone think of the trendsetting app and CNN’s Ecosphere?

On a nerdy note, I’ll remember this event as a successful trial using Storify.

CNN Ecosphere 11.2011

Kudos to the organizers for a giant leap forward in terms of virtual participation at a UN event. The use of social media and livestreaming video was among the best of the year. Yes, there were some drawbacks. It was difficult to access information about the speakers online and there was no way to submit questions via Twitter.

It’s a wild idea, but I’d love to see the #COP conferences and parallel events engage in a more engaging fashion, a la 24 Hours of Reality or TED conferences. Blue sky thinking here, but why not combine such events with carrotmobs or Open Space Technology and foster more collaborative creativity? Could we see greater use of Wikipedia and independent wikis to sort through the materials and prepare meaningful coverage.

Official Sources (suspended?)!/COP17CMP7Durban


on-demand webcasts »


Climate Change Conference App 12.2011 #COP17

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2 Responses to Blue Sky Thinking and #COP17

  1. The Ecosphere was……….nice. But I can’t stop thinking why they spent money on that.

  2. ronmader says:

    Ecosphere bothered me a lot. LIke the movie Avatar – of which I see certain influences – the first 15 minutes were cool and then the question became … what is this all about?

    I’m actually surprised at the paucity of engaging media related to climate change and the overall health of our planet. We can do better, I think.

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