Crafting Our Future

Mexico City – As mentioned in the previous post, this weekend FONAES is hosting an impressive expo featuring crafts and foods from the entire country. It’s a slow walking tour and cultural geography lesson, a veritable feast for foodies and cornocopia for craftlovers. There are heaps of updates on FONAES’ Facebook page. Bottom line: this expo is good fun. Bring your smartphone.

The Expo Fonaes Invierno 2011 is in the right place at the right time with the right people. Access is free. There’s public transport. And the selection of some 10,000 different local products sold by the makers themselves is a ginormous hyperlocal market. Among the treasures: swords and sandals, marble, weavings, ceramics, cheese and more cheese, charcoal, christmas ball ornaments, soldadidos de plomo and tlacoyos in a box.

Kudos to the organizers, participants and visitors.

Earlier this year on World Tourism Day, the official motto was ‘Crafting Our Future’ and celebrated local artesania around the globe. That said, most artesanos focus attention on their work rather than communicating about their work with the result being missing the critical connection with potential clients.

What connects tourism and crafts is that of story, the narrative behind the object, be it weavings, carvings, ceramics or artesanal food. Travelers learning about Mexico are attracted by the depth and breadth of the cultures here. Crafts provide a form of access that invite conversation and exploration. It’s a story without end because we truly crafting our future. Additional details and links via Storify

Expo Fonaes November 24-27 (elephant in the room!) @FONAES_Mx #ExpoFONAESInvierno


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