Take a walk in the park for World Tourism Day 2011

On September 27 – World Tourism DayPlaneta.com and Becari Spanish Language School host a free, public, multilingual photo safari and slow adventure in Llano Park. The city safari is great way to link cultures and everyone’s invited!

There are opportunities to learn a bit about Mexico’s history and cultural and environmental diversity. The conversation is mostly en español, but we also use English and include words and phrases in the local indigenous languages including Zapotec, Chinantec and Mixtec.

The Oaxaca Photo Safari is a slow stroll in Llano Park with the objective of learning the names of indigenous and exotic trees in the park and tips on using social media, including geolocation services Foursquare and Gowalla and the popular Facebook and Flickr sites. We will also socialize face-to-face in a friendly lo-tech manner with games and quizzes. Bring your camera or smartphone, drinking water and comfy shoes!

Foodie Tip: If you bring your appetite, there are recommended comals in the park for tasty memelas and empanadas de amarillo! For more a la carte suggestions, check out the Planeta.com Guide to What to eat in Oaxaca.

Meeting Points:
1030am: Becari QR, Calle Quintana Roo #209
11am: Benito Juarez Monument (Llano Park)

During or after the walk please upload your favorite photos to the following Flickr Groups

World Tourism Day: www.flickr.com/groups/worldtourismday
Arboles de Oaxaca: www.flickr.com/groups/arbolesdeoaxaca
City Parks: www.flickr.com/groups/cityparks

Free Poster

Tree Checklist


View the WTD presentation on Slideshare

Invitation to World Tourism Day 2011 Photo Safari

#FotoSafari Photo Exhibit @ Oaxaca 09.2011

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