Beyond Clicktivism: 24 Hours of Reality

Kudos to @algore and friends hosting an innovative 24-hour livestreaming videofest from around the world.

Live streaming – like free wi-fi – is a must at events. Those not in the room would like to be able to see or hear what’s going on. Engage us or enrage us!

That said, what if the ‘event’ was the live streaming? Today the Climate Reality Project employs that very principle on Ustream for the global ’24 Hours of Reality’ webcast on climate change.

Beginning in Mexico City and proceeding westward around the globe, 24 Hours of Reality offers a round-the-clock, real-time snapshot of climate change, sharing perspectives from Durban to Tonga, Auckland to London. With one event scheduled in each time zone at 7pm local time, the entire 24 hours is streamed live online from start to finish, culminating in a final presentation by Gore in New York City at 7 pm.

I have watched a few of the talks – hoping that someone would cite Jack Bauer’s ‘We’re running out of time!’ mantra, but that did not happen. Despite the TED-like elements, I frankly got a little bored by the repetition of ‘talking points’ and the telethon format. I kept waiting for Jerry Lewis, but he’s not on this show either. There are plenty of pithy tweets and facebook status profiles crawling on the site while a counter steadily climbs upward documenting the number of views received since Hour One in DF. Inspiring or distracting? There has to be more than clicktivism.

Kudos to the organizers for trying something so audacious and ambitious. Combining Web 2.0 with natural world venues and face-to-face conversations is brilliant. The time is now for meaningful action.

Climate Reality Project 09.2011

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