Keeping the Planet Fresh: Common Ground Podcast for September 13

Brand New! We’re keeping the planet fresh with a podcast. The advantage audio has over video is that the pictures are so much better!

That said, check out our travel and tourism podcast titled ‘Common Ground‘ which looks at happenings around the world, upcoming events and recommended apps, videos and even old-fashioned books.

Participating today (Sep 13) were Kurt Ackermann, Anders Kärrstedt and myself.

Among the talking points: we spotlight South Africa’s new responsible tourism guidelines and upcoming Saturday Fringe. We preview a slow adventure and travel agent academy in Sweden and prepare for Thursday night’s Grito in Mexico with a special exhibit of photos taken by kids in the recent Photo Safari led in Llano Park. Taking place online in September is my Parks Web 2.0 Webinar. We also mention deserts in Namibia, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, the World Travel Market app and dealing with the filter bubble.

Listen online

More audio goodness:

Details on the Planeta Wiki

Buzzword Bingo: Common Ground

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