Buzzword Bingo: Conscious Business

Kudos to Anna Pollock for introducing me a brilliant new word we’re adding to Buzzword Bingo!

Conscious business = Business enterprise that seeks to be aware of the effects of its actions, and to consciously affect human beings and the environment in a beneficial way.

Conscious travel, anyone? It sounds like its shares a lot with conscientious tourism. Now to put such noble ideas into practice!

buzzword bingo!

Buzzword Bingo: Conscious Business

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One Response to Buzzword Bingo: Conscious Business

  1. xplorer says:

    Thank you Ron for the Kudos – Conscious Travel is designed to be an inclusive movement. I have started with a website: and will be issuing a paper shortly. Your support in spreading the word and getting people to think about what it means to be a conscious host and a conscious guest is much appreciated. The more ideas about how to make this happen the better.

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