Good Enough

Speaking with friends working in tourism, one of the chief obstacles in getting their message across is the notion that everything has to be pitch perfect. The result is generally no communication at all, summed up in Poi Dog Pondering’s brilliant line: “the poet’s voice dried with the search for perfection.”

Here’s some helpful advice from Anders Kärrstedt as posted in the Indigenous People’s Week’s Facebook Event page:

Things published on the Web don’t need to be perfect. The Viral was created with a standard cameras in 5 minutes (we did two shootings). Cutting and editing took another 15 minutes with a standard program (first time I used it). And the result is not perfect but “good enough“.

Buzzword Bingo: Good Enough = Satisfactory

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1 Response to Good Enough

  1. GH says:

    I quite agree. Being too polished is almost anathema to what you are getting at. The Web should not be full of “glossies” no matter how seductive they are, as they do not reflect reality — just an aesthetic that either sells to the L.C.D. or is condescending because unreal.

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