Moving toward the high trust environment … now!

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples — a commemoration richly deserving of our attention – we find a veritable plethora of tweets about #indigenous concerns around the world. That’s great news! My personal wish: I’d like to see more practical suggestions that link indigenous peoples and tourism, particularly vital given this year’s motto of ‘Crafting Our Own Futures.’

Now to begin a reflection… how would we say ‘Crafting Our Own Futures’ in languages other than English? I asked some friends and here are their replies:

Spanish: Creando nuestro propio futuro

Swedish: Tillverka vår framtid

Chinantec: Wajunh ta can quian (San Felipe Usila)

Zapotec: Kazuchi nes chinaun lliguidx (Teotitlán del Valle)

Ayuuk: Wintso yak pïn yak këj ja jööjtykïn (Santa María Ocotepec)

This week we hold the online Indigenous People’s Week Unconference. The time is right to transform words into action — in particular: travel, whether it’s a journey across the world or across town. Indigenous tourism comes in many forms, from the purchase of handmade crafts from artisans to guided tours, museum visits and performances. Yet for all the rich variety, visitors are often not well briefed ahead of a trip and poorly informed on the ground. We must move beyond silos and share our knowledge and questions among friends. More tweets about #indigenous #tourism please! It’s time to nurture a high trust environment and it’s time now. Kudos to everyone favoriting, sharing, tweeting and commenting on this blog.

Buzzword Bingo: Silo

Buzzword Bingo: Trust

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