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Stone Country Festival

Kudos @AndyRalphKakadu of Kakadu Culture Camp for introducing us to the Stone Country Festival via Twitter and ABC Radio. If I were 3,000 miles closer, I’d love to go to this event in person! It’s the one day a year when … Continue reading

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Future Fit

Kudos to @mariettedth @RNfuturetense for talking up the future and the value of being future fit which takes us to buzzword bingo: Future Fit – Leading change, not just about being comfortable with change Also, see future Are we future fit? … Continue reading

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Introducing a new buzzword … foodies, let me know what you think! Kitchen Hopping

Kitchen Hopping = Learning about food and cooking from locals in their own kitchens I’d like to propose a new buzzword: kitchen hopping If we have couch surfing, then kitchen hopping is a natural. It’s the foodie partner of a … Continue reading

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Good Enough

Speaking with friends working in tourism, one of the chief obstacles in getting their message across is the notion that everything has to be pitch perfect. The result is generally no communication at all, summed up in Poi Dog Pondering’s … Continue reading

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Moving toward the high trust environment … now!

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples — a commemoration richly deserving of our attention – we find a veritable plethora of tweets about #indigenous concerns around the world. That’s great news! My personal wish: I’d like to see more … Continue reading

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Indigenous People’s Week: The First Podcast

Indigenous People’s Week continues through August 12. To help you get up to speed, have a listen to the ipadio podcast recorded during a zipcast of the presentation.

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Years and years ago when was a hip and modern website (back in the ’90s), I feel into a conversation with Peter Berg of the Planet Drum Foundation. We shared an interest in the environmental well-being of the planet … Continue reading

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