Slow Down, it’s Cape Town

I’ve compiled my favorite people and place shots from the May trip to South Africa, specifically the poster child of responsible tourism and slow travel: Cape Town.

Some background: In May I was invited by The City of Cape TownCape Town Tourism and South African Tourism to speak at the Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference in Durban. Before and after the event I had the opportunity to visit a number of locals shown in these photos (all archived by the way on my Flickr account).

To anyone curious about seeing responsible tourism in action – from the guesthouses to the 5-star hotels – through low-carbon hiking and biking trips and amazingly delicious local food, I’d encourage you to follow my footsteps and find these wonderful, inspiring people.

Next Steps:

1) A note to the wonderful people in these photos (Kurt, Sheryl, Leonard, Lunga, Njongo, Tinnus, Toni, Lee) and wonderful people not in the photos (Skye, Mariette, Heidi, Deidre, Helen, Nombulelo, Sally, Brett, Craig, Iain, Martin and Jacques), please be generous and comment or like or tweet the pics, videos, podcasts and slideshows here and elsewhere on the Web.  Feedback is always welcome.

2) If the wonderful people are able, I’d like to record a video conversation.

3) Planeta Editors – Continue to update the wiki. Like a garden, a wiki will always improve if tended.

More info online the 2.0 Planeta Wiki and the old school 1.0 sites:


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