July Foamboard

July foamboard as seen at the Pochimilco Market in Oaxaca

Pochimilco Foamboard @ Oaxaca 06.2011 (with notes!)

Foamboard represents the economical, practical and creative lo-fi slow media. It’s part collage, part information board, part asynchronous dialogue and part catalyst for real-time, face-to-face conversation. The objective is to create a dynamic information service that invites participation and information sharing. You can make one yourself or if you find one of my creations, please take a picture and share it on Flickr.

I like this particular foamboard as it has the following items

Business cards from the market vendors

2011 Guelaguetza Info

Mixtec language lessons

Mezcal treasure hunt info

Pochimilco anniversary info

July calendar

Oaxaca tree map

Flyers for Flickr Groups

The sticker for Responsible Cape Town (not local but certainly an inspiration!)

Extra space and extra tacks for those who want to add their business card or small flyer

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