Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico – Greetings to the participants at the Convergence Sustainable Living Festival in Ireland and friends around the world who value local food and culture.

I have been invited to engage with your event by Barbara Tomasella and I am very pleased to record this video and interact with you via the gamut of Web 2.0.

My big request: keep us informed! Introduce yourselves and share news on your Facebook wall. You can also make the introduction here as a comment on this blog. Please share photos and videos from your event using Flickr and YouTube. Upload presentations to Slideshare. If you are tweeting, include the hashtag #ConvergenceFestival. These are great ways to connect with the world and to create an archive you can consult later.

Bottom line: make us aware of what is unique, what is hyperlocal. Cultivate our appetite for your country. What we can experience first-hand when we visit Ireland? Please use these new-fangled web tools in communicating the story behind the story of local sustainable practices. Preach what you practice!

Case in point here in Oaxaca is the Pochote or Pochimilco Market. It takes place every Friday and Saturday in the atrium of the Santo Tomás Xochimilco Church. Local farmers and food vendors sell an incredible array of traditional specialties and exotic dishes. There are also traditional crafts, including ceramics, weavings and handmade jewelry.

I have been documenting this market for eight years and helping out with signage, including flyers and message boards (aka foamboard). Many of the ‘stars’ and comments on my Flickr photos come from the vendors themselves. In the past year a growing number of vendors are using Facebook. What I’d like to emphasize is that the use of new technologies is new school. Mutual respect and amiability are old school values. The clever bit is weaving them together.

The market receives a good deal of foreign visitors who are not familiar with local specialties and a number of Mexican nationals who again are not clued in to what distinguishes Oaxaca from the rest of the country. Good signage should provide clues, some conversation starters. The rest lies in the hands of locals and visitors.

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Web 2.0 Challenges

Blog – Introduce yourself as a response to this posting

Facebook – Introduce yourself on the wall

Flickr – Share photos online World Food and Hyperlocal

Slideshare – Upload documents and powerpoint presentations.

Twitter – Tweet about the event with the proper hashtag: #ConvergenceFestival

YouTube – Upload videos or make a playlist of what visitors should check out in your community.

FYI – For tips on using Web 2.0 (and being engaged, creative and generous), check out the free worksheet.

Be Engaged, Be Creative, Be Generous ... Free Download! Web 2.0 Toolkit

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