Sunday May 29 through Wednesday June 1 we will be linking with friends in Europe for an online decentralized chat using the #euroeco hashtag.

A regional conference had been planned in Norway, but that’s been pushed back until 2012.

Organizers suggested that we do more online to improve networking. So with a tip of the hat to June 5 and World Environment Day next Sunday here are five social media channels you can visit today from the comfort of your keyboard. Be engaged, be creative and be generous!

You can …

Blogs – Comment on the Conference Blog

Flickr – Share or add stars to photos about ecotourism and responsible travel in Europe

Slideshare – Share powerpoint presentations or comment on the 2011 uploads

Twitter – Share news or links. Be sure to include the hashtag #euroeco

YouTube – Share videos or create playlists

Mind you, I live across the Atlantic. What interests me the most is learning about what constitutes ecotourism and responsible travel in Europe. Recent trips to Estonia and England convince me that we have a long journey ahead in terms of explaining the rapidly changing scene in Europe to those in the rest of the world. A call out to Europe – share your stories! Preach what you practice. An online show-and-tell engages a broader conversation that enriches us all.

EuroEco 2011

Twitter Reach Report Results for #euroeco | TweetReach

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