South Africa Road Trip

High expectations for the trip to South Africa were exceeded on the ground. I don’t say this lightly: the trip set a new benchmark for interaction. I loved the way the Indaba Conference started off with a groundbreaking Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference complete with livestreaming and free wi-fi (which I’ve long insisted are a must have instead of a nice to have at tourism events, check out the campaign for details).

Trade events that include such innovative and provocative fora deserve special recognition. Instead of wrapping up events with award ceremonies, let’s start with what’s special and innovative. In this case, the venue in Durban was the Responsible Tourism in Cities pavilion, a work of art and an inspiring example of creating greener spaces. My photo does not do justice to what was the most interesting architecture of the event and perhaps of any tourism event this year.

I didn’t blog as much about the journey here as most of my notes were instead posted on the blog South Africa Road Trip. I also commented on South African blogs, including This Tourism Week.

I’ll be summing up some of the lessons learned in the next few weeks, but for those interested, check out the 400+ photos uploaded during the trip. If you’re registered on Flickr, add a star to your favorite pics so I can begin choosing the top 20.

What’s next? I’m now en route back home. I’ll catch up with colleagues in South Africa and friends of South Africa and see if we can continue the conversation online. Feel free to comment below if you see ways to connect and keep the momentum moving forward.

south africa

Indaba, Durban @ 05.2011

Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk @ Indaba 05.2011

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