Imagining London

Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.
– Albert Einstein

The stars are lining up. I am heading to South Africa in May to share in a conference on Responsible Tourism in Cities. Crossing the Atlantic is a trip I make on a regular basis … in my head. I have so many colleagues in Europe and Africa that my thoughts frequently jump across the pond, effortlessly and without bother.

A physical trip on the other hand requires an itinerary bookended by flights that could well take me to London … and so for the daydreaming exercise, what would I do in England? Where can I pick up the lauded Green Map to London?! Can I join the Green London Meetup? There are so many choices. I’ll be in London for most of May 2nd and return May 17-19.

Offer you thoughts as a response: what would be an exceptional, fun, frugal visit to London? How could my visit lend support to the local travel movement? Would anyone like to join a PhotoSafari in a city park? If there is professional interest, could we organize a workshop?

Green London

Responsible Tourism in Cities

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2 Responses to Imagining London

  1. let me know when you are are coming out to Faversham I am in St Lucia (work honest) from 9th to 16th so hopefully see you just after that? Faversham in Kent the “Garden of England” – Faversham has oldest independant brewery in the UK – is famous for very good local food – part of “The Foodie Triangle” – from Michelin starred chefs to darn good “Pub Grub” – and Kate, Harold and me! What more motivation do you need?

  2. Tim says:

    May 2 is a bank holiday, by the way – expect some disruption and reduced transport.
    Check out and try a BorisBike!

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