Conversation with Catherine Mack

Brand new! Conversation with Catherine Mack about the Ireland Green Travel app and responsible tourism (in its many guises and definitions)!

The Future of Green Travel: Ireland Screenshot (2011)
The future of green travel favors Ireland!

Kudos to Catherine Mack for editing a superb online guide to the Emerald Isle. Ireland Green Travel (TwitterFacebook) is on the top of my list of travel apps and guidebooks. This is my favorite example of a travel guide created by a thoughtful, witty author using Web 2.0. Readers are eligible to receive free updates.

Ireland Green Travel is a major upgrade over Catherine’s dead tree guidebook (and a personal favorite) EcoEscape Ireland. Ireland Green Travel has more than three times the text content and a zillion photos.

Ireland Green Travel cuts to the chase and provides great tips for those seeking delicious, eco-friendly, people-friendly Ireland.

Readers can filter preferences by interest and further sort by cost and region. The section on Activities is a major plus as travelers are interested in more than just where to stay and eat. We want to know what to do and the tips are spot on for those seeking adventure, tranquility or tasty food at the local market


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