Web 2.0, aka Social Media Workshop

Do you feel that with Web 2.0 you have to be everywhere at once but you don’t know where to begin? Do you need some coaching?

Please join us March 14-25 for Ron Mader’s online Web 2.0 workshop. Promote your business or consultancy through this webinar which creates a unique opportunity to integrate Web 2.0 tools in a strategic manner. Learn how to share your story now.


Access to the online workshop is (US) $100 per person. Tour businesses featured in Planeta.com’s World Travel Directory and participants who have participated in previous workshops are charged $50.

How the online workshop works
Participants are asked which Web 2.0 channels they use and which they wish to master. We talk through the ‘Storytelling Now’ worksheet and identify practical actions that can be undertaken. Instruction includes Skype calls, Web 2.0 assignments, videos on YouTube and Justin and some old-fashioned email. During the workshop much of the conversation takes place via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. We recommend that participants budget time for assignments – minimum 15 minutes a day, an average 1 hour/day. If you miss a day or two, there’s no penalty. The advantage of an online workshop is that you’ll be able to access the information at your convenience.


web 2.0 workshop

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