Leave a positive footprint in Oaxaca! Here are 20+ Good Reasons to Visit a Train Station without a Train

Andrea + Noe
Fabiola + Andrea + Frida
Lucia + Caro
Eulogia + Margarita
Osvaldo + Olga
Sandro + Gia
Caty + Mario

The 4th anniversary party was a big hit! It attracted the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Oaxaca City, a bucket load of students studying tourism and so many good friends and neighbors. As you all know, I am a big fan of markets and think the markets in Oaxaca are among the best in the world.

Here’s to a hyperlocal appreciation of what makes Oaxaca absolutely delicious. And it begins with Oaxaca’s true treasures: the locals.

Noe y Andrea 03.2011

enrique & sara @ oaxaca 03.2011

Fabiola's Magic Comal

Señora Guadalupe

Caro's Gardening Class @ Oaxaca 03.2011

Presidente Municipal Luis Uartechea

Leave a positive footprint in Oaxaca

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