Green Drinks in Oaxaca

Want to host a local networking event during Responsible Tourism Week? How about a PhotoSafari or  Green Drinks?

I have heard about the Green Drinks concept for quite some time and only got to enjoy this vicariously via Tom Walter’s suberb photos from Green Drinks Tauranga. Then in January I attended Green Drinks Las Vegas
What a simple and stunning idea. If such networking is not available on a regular basis, then it should be tested out and we’re doing our bit mixing a local coctail hour with showing locals and visitors lessons from around the world shared during Responsible Tourism Week.

Here’s the invitation for tomorrow’s get-together at the Comala Restaurant in Mexico. Beer is on tap, fruit drinks (made with real fruit!) are produced on site and I’ll be sharing a box of Rooibos Tea as we look at a map of South Africa! BTW, the artwork looks a bit funky because it’s actually 4 invitations that can be printed and distributed to friends.

Also bring your smartphone! We’ll be showing Foursquare in action in Oaxaca. Why just talk about Web 2.0 when you can join the fun?

Prende tu SmartPhone (Turn on your Smartphone)

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